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People gathered around a docent giving a tour of the exhibit on opening day.

Photograph of the students and faculty who attended the opening day of the physical exhibit.

2.10.02 Letter-to-City-Lights-Books.jpg
A letter from Mel Weisburd, from one of his journals, to City Lights Book about a proposal for his "The Smog Inspector" memoir, and this letter has written corrections by Weisburd.

Hand written journal entry in one of Weisburd's journals.

12.9.52 Weisburd Journal Entry.jpg
One page of a handwritten journal entry by Mel Weisburd in one of his journals.

Image of a poetry reel from the Weisburd collection.

Image of one of Mel Weisburd's journals laying open on a table.

Poetry and Pollution flyer.jpg
Flyer made and used to advertise the physical exhibit at Cal State LA.

Weisburd QR.jpg
The image is a black and white QR code.

Mel Weisburd's personal typewriter is open on the table showcasing the inside of the case in which it is contained.
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