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The Wess Barber Shop in the Florence section of Los Angeles was destroyed by the March 10, 1933 Long Beach Earthquake. Afterwards, owner Wesley Boyts (left) and barber, Ernest Lentz continued working by cutting hair on the sidewalk. This photo…

Jair N. Haro.MOV
History 3450 student Jair Haro discusses his experiences working in the archives.

The closure of campus facilities including the library led this graduate student to seek alternate study spaces and conduct their research without the oral histories they had planned.

Discusses the issues undocumented business owners have during the pandemic, as well as the impact of stimulus checks (a total of $1,200, for the first check).





A winning poster from the 29th Annual Virtual Student Symposium on Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activities.
Winners Amanda Rodriguez and Karina Quiroz
B.A. Communication Disorders; B.S. Public Health
Addressing Oral Health Disparities in the…

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At a Granada Hills market, previously located at 18045 Chatsworth Street, clerk Merlin Saunders begins the arduous task of cleaning up the tremendous mess left by the 1971 San Fernando earthquake. Boxes and cans of food were knocked from shelves by…
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