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One student drew upon strength from his faith and from his church community to get by during the pandemic.

Many students participated in efforts to distribute food and supplies to those in their communities who needed them most.

Community-led food pantries were essential for the survival of many facing job loss and supply shortages.

The effects of quarantine sometimes came with a silver-lining, as busy students found time to reconnect with loved ones in their households while under stay-at-home orders.

Other students found ways to care for loved ones while maintaining safe social distance.

Many students found themselves separated from family during the 2020 holiday season, and turned to virtual meeting spaces to keep traditions alive.

Some students felt that smaller gatherings during important holidays offered an opportunity to bond with close family.

Many students explored new hobbies and interests while under quarantine.

Some students found themselves reflecting deeply about their hope and aspirations.

Despite the difficult reality of life during a global pandemic, Cal State LA students showed resilience and inspiration, fighting for social justices, keeping their families safe, and looking out for the good of their communities.
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