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Some students felt that smaller gatherings during important holidays offered an opportunity to bond with close family.

Many students found themselves separated from family during the 2020 holiday season, and turned to virtual meeting spaces to keep traditions alive.

Other students found ways to care for loved ones while maintaining safe social distance.

The effects of quarantine sometimes came with a silver-lining, as busy students found time to reconnect with loved ones in their households while under stay-at-home orders.

Food and supply scarcity was an added burden upon students already trying to manage the transition to online learning and keeping their families safe.

After their parent’s business was closed down, this individual had to continue to work for their family to provide for them. They tried to maintain enough energy to still keep track with college while now having to help their family financially.

The pandemic made this student work much more in order to provide for their family. Both parents were not working which led to this student taking in more responsibility while still balancing school, work, and family.

After their family recovered from COVID-19, they still kept their distance from family outside their homes. If they did see their family, they kept their distance or stayed in their cars just to be safe.

After struggling to get stuff done at home and falling behind in class. This student struggled to find a space where they can get work done. However, the balance of work and family becomes difficult when the family thinks they spend too much time in…

Almost everyone in the household got COVID-19. During this time the family welcomed a new member to their family. Unfortunately, the baby got COVID-19, his mother did come out negative and was able to take care of the baby's needs while everyone…
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