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As cases appear in the United States and the cases increase worldwide, the university made the decision to close down the campus and convert to remote learning to avoid spread on campus.

The University Library had a small measles outbreak. The LA County Department of Public Health quartined some students and staff who were exposed. To be cleared, students and staff had to show evidence of immunization to the virus.

By the 1980s there was a growing awareness of the risk of sexually transmitted diseases such as the herpes virus. College campuses such as Cal State LA sought to shed light on the risks by spreading awareness.

Cal State LA began to offer medical care for free to students.

From October to March more than 120 students reported at the campus Health Center for herpes simplex virus Type 2, or genital herpes.

Despite the difficult reality of life during a global pandemic, Cal State LA students showed resilience and inspiration, fighting for social justices, keeping their families safe, and looking out for the good of their communities.

Some students found themselves reflecting deeply about their hope and aspirations.

Despite feeling like a setback, quarantine offered some students the opportunity to focus on life goals and personal projects.

Many students explored new hobbies and interests while under quarantine.

Food and supply scarcity was an added burden upon students already trying to manage the transition to online learning and keeping their families safe.
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