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One example of many, this restaurant, either as a result of financial loss due to the pandemic or out of safety due to the Floyd riots, is forced to remain locked, specifically in padlock and chains.

Campus collaboration of George Floyd peaceful protest.

This depicts 2020 in a nutshell: Several people, including children and pets, come together in unison to protest the many problems. Among the signs can be noted, “Defund the police”, “End police brutality”, “End White Silence”, “Public…

At one of the 2020 BLM Protests are several people with different signs. Among them say, “This fight affects us all”, “Justice for George Floyd”, and “Put $$$ in Black communities”.

One of numerous occasions, on this gloomy day protestors march supporting the BLM movement.

During the 2020 BLM Protests, one person holds a sign saying “Racism is still a global pandemic”.

This is a picture of a Black woman in a BLM Protest holding a controversial sign which reads, “If you think it’s hard to breathe in your masks [referencing the state mandates to wear masks in public during the pandemic], imagine being Black in…

A crowd confronts police in Hollywood, as part of the George Floyd protests. A black man holds a sign of an American flag with a lynched man in the blue region and the words “George Floyd USA KKK” on the stripes.

After the Floyd riots overcame the LAPD, the National Guard was called in by the mayor to end the citywide violence. This picture shows some of them in Koreatown.

A phone screenshot of a Public Safety Alert warning LA residents of an enforced curfew due to the Floyd riots. This hearkens back to the similar response taken by the government in relation to the LA Riots of 1992 (LA 92 (Full Documentary): National…
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