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In the early 80s, not much was known about AIDS or HIV. It was erroneously and dangerously characterized by the media as a disease affecting gay men, African Americans, and drug users.

After their parent’s business was closed down, this individual had to continue to work for their family to provide for them. They tried to maintain enough energy to still keep track with college while now having to help their family financially.

Despite the difficult reality of life during a global pandemic, Cal State LA students showed resilience and inspiration, fighting for social justices, keeping their families safe, and looking out for the good of their communities.

After struggling to get stuff done at home and falling behind in class. This student struggled to find a space where they can get work done. However, the balance of work and family becomes difficult when the family thinks they spend too much time in…

An endorsement list for Mervyn M. Dymally

Talks about their financial challenges in not receiving the first stimulus check since some college students did not qualify. Their parent’s undocumented status doesn’t qualify for government help. Their jobs and their landlord’s understanding…

Jeanne Tucker interviews Angelica Tucker who first hand experienced the economic hardships her family faced in Mexico and her eventual immigration to the U.S. At 24 years old, Angelica and her husband got married and had children, but Angelica faced…

Johnny Huang interviewed Angelina Vergara. Vergara is a first-generation Mexican American raised in Los Angeles, California. Vergara details her experiences with sexism as while as the pressure of adhering to gender roles present within Mexican…

With restrictions from the pandemic going out is no longer the same. This individual expresses how they miss leaving their homes without a worry and now dealing with anxiety when they go out. Adopting a new pet has helped her feel better through…

A closer look at the wall full of stethoscopes
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