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Discusses the frustration of the lack of safety in her retail work environment, including interactions with customers that are reluctant to comply with face mask regulations, usually referred to as “anti-maskers”.

Discusses how a local boba shop has created incentives involving face masks donations towards healthcare workers.

Discusses the issues undocumented business owners have during the pandemic, as well as the impact of stimulus checks (a total of $1,200, for the first check).

Discusses the problem and risks of choosing safety over reopening a business, during the pandemic.

This student had multiple jobs, including working at the LACC and even as a TA at Cal State LA. She contemplates the potential loss of her martial arts studio as she teaches significantly fewer people virtually.

In Koreatown, this jewelry store takes active measure to protect their assets, including diamonds, rings, and other products. As seen, they blockaded their entrance of their business with wooden planks.

After their parent’s business was closed down, this individual had to continue to work for their family to provide for them. They tried to maintain enough energy to still keep track with college while now having to help their family financially.
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