Dr. Ali Tayyeb PhD, RN, NPD-BC, PHN


Dr. Ali R. Tayyeb is a United States Navy Veteran, having served as a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman with Naval Medical Center San Diego, 1st Marine Division, and 3rd Marine Division. 

After his military service, Dr. Tayyeb pursued his career as a Registered Nurse, earning his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Nursing from California State University, Los Angeles and his Ph.D. from the University of San Diego. Dr. Tayyeb’s experiences in the healthcare field include combat trauma, emergency medicine, education, Human Patient Simulation, Professional Development, Leadership, Veterans Healthcare, and Policy.  

Dr. Tayyeb is a Jonas Veterans Healthcare Scholar Alumni, is currently an Assistant Professor at California State University, Los Angeles, and is the Creator, Producer, and Host of the RN-Mentor Podcast and Blog. His interests in Veterans related research include: Transition from military service, Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Depression, Alcohol and Drug abuse, Pain, Suicide, Family environment, Disenfranchisement, Policy, Advocacy, Culture, Veteran Benefits & Reintegration.

Dr. Tayyeb’s research and publications on “Bad Paper” Veterans have been cited on numerous books, white papers, Schools of Law, advocacy organizations, State policies, congressional testimonies, publications, dissertations, and more.

Though Dr. Tayyeb’s research is primarily veteran centric, he is nationally board certified in Nursing Professional Development and greatly invested in professional development, role development, and pushing the boundaries of the nursing profession through diversity of people, thought, advocacy, and the arts.

Dr. Ali Tayyeb talks about his inspiration for the "Health Care Professionals Memorial Art Project."

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