Marina Peix Asensio, RN


Marina Peix Asensio, RN is a Pediatric Nurse and illustrator working in the Pediatric Intensive Unit Care in the University Hospital of Cruces, Bilbao, Spain. She has studied in the University of Salamanca and just finished her specialty in Pediatrics in Madrid. She was introduced to art at a young age thanks to her parents, and she has always tried to connect both worlds -- caring and art -- into one single piece.

She is the author of the recently published study of Graphic Medicine and Pediatric Nursing -- El uso del cómic para mejorar conocimientos y habilidades de los padres y madres en los cuidados respiratorios del niño (The use of comic to improve parents’ knowledge and abilities in children’s respiratory care) as well as the comic book ¡Achús! Cuidados y mimos de síntomas respiratorios (Care for respiratory symptoms). Nowadays she dedicates her life not just to the care of children, but also to the creation of visual art that shows the daily life and challenges of nurses. 

Marina Peix Asensio, pediatric nurse in Bilbao, Spain, talks about the challenges her country faced early in the pandemic, and how her art helped her tell the stories of these patients and the personnel in her hospital.

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