Dr. Michael Natter, MD


Michael Natter is a current Endocrinology Fellow at NYU/Bellevue in New York City. He is a visual artist, physician, and also a patient -- he has been living with Type 1 Diabetes since age nine. His background in studio art has allowed him to approach medicine through a 'non-traditional' lens and his journey from art kid to post-bac pre-med to medical student, medicine resident and now endocrine fellow, has left him with a great deal of gratitude that he wants to pass down to those who are anxiously and diligently trying to forge their own path in this medical training journey. He uses art to help learn, teach, and cope with medical topics and training.

Mike aims to humanize the process of medical training, provide empathetic, ­top-notch care to each of his patients, and use his creativity to teach, explain, and practice the art of medicine. His work has been featured in media outlets such as Buzzfeed, Annals of Internal Medicine, Medscape, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and others.

Dr. Mike Natter talks about the effects of working in a busy New York City hospital during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the importance of graphic medicine as a means of inclusive communication.

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