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As cases appear in the United States and the cases increase worldwide, the university made the decision to close down the campus and convert to remote learning to avoid spread on campus.

Many students explored new hobbies and interests while under quarantine.

In April 2019, the University Library was the site of a measles exposure which suspended operations for nearly a week until students and faculty were tested or vaccinated.

Many students found themselves separated from family during the 2020 holiday season, and turned to virtual meeting spaces to keep traditions alive.

The effects of quarantine sometimes came with a silver-lining, as busy students found time to reconnect with loved ones in their households while under stay-at-home orders.

Some students felt that smaller gatherings during important holidays offered an opportunity to bond with close family.

Despite feeling like a setback, quarantine offered some students the opportunity to focus on life goals and personal projects.

With restrictions from the pandemic going out is no longer the same. This individual expresses how they miss leaving their homes without a worry and now dealing with anxiety when they go out. Adopting a new pet has helped her feel better through…

After their family recovered from COVID-19, they still kept their distance from family outside their homes. If they did see their family, they kept their distance or stayed in their cars just to be safe.

Other students found ways to care for loved ones while maintaining safe social distance.
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