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As cases appear in the United States and the cases increase worldwide, the university made the decision to close down the campus and convert to remote learning to avoid spread on campus.

Originally developed in 1907 as a fundraiser to fight tuberculosis, Christmas Seals were a special type of stamp sold to raise money for respiratory diseases. Still in use today, the campaign has grown to include other forms of respiratory diseaseā€¦

Despite the looming threat of resource scarcity, community members stepped up to provide much needed goods to those around them.

Food scarcity was an added layer of stress for students facing the uncertainty of the pandemic.

On top of having to adjust to distance learning and job loss, students contended with supply scarcity as staple food and household items disappeared from shelves amidst periods of panic buying.

Food and supply scarcity was an added burden upon students already trying to manage the transition to online learning and keeping their families safe.

As supplies ran scarce early in the pandemic, some people resorted to trading with family and friends in order to secure necessary items.

In a collaborative effort between the University, LA County, and the LA County Department of Public Health, Cal State LA was designated as a free COVID-19 testing site in May 2020, just two months after campus closure.

Across a deserted Cal State LA campus, signs like these remind visitors of the importance of mask-wearing and social distancing protocols.

Less than 3 months after the first formal communication of the pandemic, all in-person classes were suspended as Cal State LA began the sudden transition to remote learning.
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