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Some students felt that smaller gatherings during important holidays offered an opportunity to bond with close family.

The disappointment of graduating without a commencement ceremony to invite family and community supporters weighed heavily on this first-generation student.

Residents of a three-story apartment complex emerge from the destruction left behind by the 1994 Northridge earthquake. A man stares out onto the street from his wall-less home at the devastated Northridge Meadows Apartments.

Winston Bong Young opens his second interview by elaborating upon the culture shock of moving from Central City, Los Angeles to North Hollywood in seventh grade. He recalls how his work ethic developed from balancing childcare for his younger…

Winston Bong Young introduces himself as a third-generation Cantonese Chinese American who moved from an integrated Los Angeles neighborhood to a majority-white suburb in North Hollywood. He describes working at his stepfather’s restaurant in North…

In Koreatown, this jewelry store takes active measure to protect their assets, including diamonds, rings, and other products. As seen, they blockaded their entrance of their business with wooden planks.

People gathered around a docent giving a tour of the exhibit on opening day.

Photograph of the students and faculty who attended the opening day of the physical exhibit.

Image of a poetry reel from the Weisburd collection.

2.10.02 Letter-to-City-Lights-Books.jpg
A letter from Mel Weisburd, from one of his journals, to City Lights Book about a proposal for his "The Smog Inspector" memoir, and this letter has written corrections by Weisburd.
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